Anchanto receives investment from Asendia

Singapore based e-commerce technology company Anchanto has received investment from Asendia, a La Poste and Swiss Post logistics joint venture.

The Series C funding round has raised around £9.25 million for Anchanto which provides a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform for e-commerce companies.

The funding is to be used to strengthen its R&D portfolio to launch two new products and to reach more markets. It is to hire skilled talent to enhance and accelerate its growth, with SaaS products growing in popularity.

Marc Pontet, CEO of Asendia said: “Asendia intends to continue its journey along the cross-border E-Commerce value chain and support the growth of an innovative technology company serving the international growth of global brands. We have high hopes for further cooperation with Anchanto and we expect that we are going to create additional growth and synergies for the company thanks to our logistics and technology capabilities.”

“We are pleased to have Asendia invest into Anchanto’s vision. Asendia Singapore cross-border E-Commerce operations have been running on Anchanto Wareo and SelluSeller platform for over two years now. Asendia 100% owns wnDirect- which happens to be our customer for over six years. We see the investment from Asendia as our gateway to European markets. 70% + of investment in Anchanto has been from our customers, which is a great testimony of how powerful and stable our platforms are and the trust global companies have in us.” Vaibhav added.