APC Direct launched by Parcel2Go

Transactional parcel delivery website company Parcel2Go has announced a tie up with independent delivery company network APC and has launched a new website, apc-direct.co.uk as Parcel2Go’s 14th carrier white label solution. APC Direct will enable a number of smaller players compete online through the APC network.

APC Direct’s website says, “We’re delighted to say that we have grown to be the UK’s largest independent delivery network, with more than 115 local depots that guarantee a friendly reception and streamlined coverage.”

Parcel2Go runs a number of transactional websites for delivery companies in multiple languages throughout Europe. APC Direct is the most recent.

David Sorensen, Director Carrier Solutions at Parcel2Go, said: “We are very pleased to be working with APC, who have a reputation for quality in the industry.  The new management team have a desire to bring new products and services to their customer base and I am pleased Parcel2Go has been able to help to create an on-line capability in support of this strategy.”

Where a lot of major players crowd the top of the market, there are hundreds of smaller delivery businesses that do very well in the delivery market. Parcel2Go’s website for APC Direct should help a number of smaller businesses compete with the larger players. Competition is always good in a crowded market with very few major players at the top who would otherwise influence the market negatively.