APC Overnight – new tools for SME customers

APC Overnight has launched two new services that are designed to help SME customer expectations on parcel tracking and visibility.

Firstly APC Pin Point is a scheme allowing customers to check the delivery driver’s progress using an online proximity map. They can now view the driver’s latest stop location by comparison to their own location and stop number. This complements the APC Expect alert that they introduced in 2017. It can be accessed via the website apc-overnight.com, and will now be available for all services out for delivery on the day.

Should the customer be out, the new APC eCard system now allows the driver to send an email notification via an eCard as well as the ‘Sorry we missed you’ card.

APC Called is the second new tool, allowing the customer to either reschedule or arrange to pick up their parcel via the website.

Jonathan Smith, Chief Executive of APC Overnight, said: “These two services recognise the importance of an efficient consumer experience to our SME customers. They will deliver improved parcel visibility, so that we can offer our customers an even more reliable service. We are also making it easier for consumers to reschedule their delivery, resulting in better satisfaction for our customers, which is always our ultimate goal.”