Apex Insight comments on different parcel locker supplier business models


Amazon locker, manufactured by Zhilai

One of the areas which we explored in our recent research on parcel locker systems was the variety of different business models which are being used by different suppliers. As well as selling lockers to third parties, some manufacturers, such as InPost, Swipbox and ByBox are vertically integrated, operating their own parcel locker networks, generally using a multi-carrier model.
– TZ operated its own parcel locker network in Australia, called A.D.A.M until October 2015 when these assets were sold to CouriersPlease (a subsidiary of Singapore Post).
– ByBox operates its own network of lockers, but with a focus on operations to support the B2B field engineer segment.
Most companies both manufacture their own physical lockers and design and develop the operating system software necessary to run them.  Some of the lower-priced suppliers, such as the Chinese manufacturers, SNBC and Zhilai – which makes lockers for Amazon – are primarily hardware suppliers. Others, such as TZ, now frequently outsource the actual manufacture of lockers to low-cost locations while others, including Keba and InPost retain it in-house, stressing the benefits in quality from this approach.
Suppliers generally try to obtain recurring revenue by providing support and software upgrades, which are needed to keep the systems running reliably.  Some suppliers also offer a pay-per use model whereby they subsidise the capital cost in return for a larger ongoing revenue stream.
Our report, Global Parcel Locker Systems Market Insight Report 2018, profiles the leading suppliers and their strategies and sets out how we see the market developing in the future can be found on our website here.