Apex Insight Publishes UK Business to Business Parcels Market Insight Report 2015

Apex Insight announces the publication of its latest report, UK Business to Business Parcels Market Insight Report 2015. The report focuses on the UK business to business parcels sector, and provides estimates of the size, the rate of growth of the market and the B2B revenues of the main carriers in the UK.


UK-Business-to-Business-Parcels-Report-CoverThe report provides qualitative findings from a series of in-depth interviews which we carried out with a sample of 23 business-to-business parcels customers. The interviews explore in detail the following areas:


– Buying behaviour – how to do customers go about selecting their parcels carriers?
– Sole and multiple suppliers – what do customers do and what are their reasons?
– Satisfaction with carrier performance – how well, and in what areas are carriers meeting customer expectations, where are they falling short, what are the priorities for improvements, and which ones would customers pay extra for?
– Volume trends – how have customers’ volumes changed, to what extent is this a function of their own production volumes vs other factors such as changes in supply chain organisation, and what do they expect to happen in future?
– Pricing trends – what do customers actually pay for the services they receive, how have they changed in the past and what do they expect in future?
– Switching behaviour – how often do customers review their use of carriers, do they switch regularly and what is most likely to trigger a switch?


The B2B market is very important to the UK parcels industry. Apex Insight believes it accounts for around 35% of the market. It gives carriers greater stability and more attractive pricing than the large B2C accounts. Furthermore, it offers a critical aspect for parcel networks: the potential for consolidation at both the points of collection and delivery.


Compared to B2B, there is limited information available on the issues driving the sector, such as pricing, customer satisfaction, service levels, technologies and carrier performance. This report aims to explore what is happening in the B2B segment now and how it might develop in the future.


The report, UK Business to Business Parcels Market Insight Report 2015, has a report description and table of contents to view. If you wish to receive the free report summary as a PDF, please send us an email.