Apple offers 2 hour delivery in Canada

Apple mobile and desktop products can now be delivered within two hours of ordering in some parts of Canada.

The offer will cost the customer CAD $13 on top of the price of the item being purchased – the same price as Apple charge for expedited shipping (next day) already.

While not specifically announced, it is presumed that the service is only available for customers within a certain distance of Appleā€™s network of Apple Stores.

The tech giant is to use scheduled courier delivery for the service. Though no official announcement has been made of the offering, it is presumed that Apple has teamed up with an on-demand delivery company such as DoorDash or Uber Eats to make the service possible.

In recent months the fashionable tech giant has started offering 0% interest on finance for its products sold directly through its website in Canada too, a signal that the firm is taking the e-commerce boom seriously by improving its direct-sales offering.

Such details will no doubt become clearer as Apple extends its service both within Canada and into the US.