Aramex Australia – lockdown spike in demand for delivery staff

There has been a spike in demand for transport and delivery workers in Australia even with the highest unemployment rates in decades, according to Aramex Australia.

During lockdown there was a 48% increase in deliveries for the Australian delivery company compared to the same period last year. Even with state border closures the demand hasn’t abated. Aramex is taking advantage of the gig economy to manage delivery demand without hiring too many permanent staff.

“With more than 800 Courier Franchisees delivering across 28 regional franchise networks, we are proud to be delivering for Australian businesses and customers at this critical time,†said Aramex Australia CEO Peter Lipinski.

“In recent years, e-commerce has been booming in Australia. Covid-19 has accelerated this growth. Integral to our success in meeting this growing demand has been our Blu Couriers innovation.

“Our Blu Couriers platform enables our franchisees to scale up in busy periods through tapping into the gig economy. We have seen double the sign-ups to Blu Couriers in comparison to this time last year, with our Blu Courier drivers helping our network meet the avalanche of deliveries and returns.”