Aramex Australia readies for Christmas peak

Middle Eastern international and express delivery business Aramex is rebranding Australia based Fastway Couriers network that it acquired in 2016. This is to be called Aramex Australia.

CEO of Aramex Australia, Peter Lipinski, said the network is ready for what is set to be the busiest Christmas yet: “We’re very pleased to be celebrating our rebrand across Australia this year which unlocks some powerful advantages for our business, our franchisees and customers.

“2019 is set to be our busiest Christmas yet with an expected 30% increase in deliveries. We know that convenience is king, so we’ve laid strong foundations and have been investing in resources to make sure our fleet meets demand and helps Australian businesses optimise success at peak season.

“Aramex has a number of tools to support business and its customers including our Blu Couriers technology which allows our franchisees to tap into the sharing economy to scale up their delivery capacity during busy periods.

“Our Parcel Connect service taps into the diverse business hours of local businesses to provide a close and convenient drop off and collection point for parcels. Busy customers can now drop off and collect their parcels at a time that suits them using one of 800+ Parcel Connect locations in communities across Australia.”

“We’re currently in the pilot stage of a new click and collect service with some of our partners and are exploring different ways we can provide our customers with even more Christmas shopping convenience.”

The CEO added that Aramex Australia’s strong focus on providing convenient solutions for its customers over Christmas applies to businesses of all sizes. 

“Aramex is committed to delivering for businesses of any size, so we’re structuring our pricing to suit not only our large-scale corporate customers, but also smaller companies just beginning their e-commerce journey.

“We provide Australian businesses with a delivery partner that can cope with the demands of peak season. Our customers get to take advantage of the Aramex global network but without having to compromise on excellent local customer service,

“We’re still local franchisees, in local regions, and this is very important to us as local customer service is in our DNA but as a part of Aramex, a global leader in logistics, we have access to a range of benefits and opportunities to capture more of the growing global e-commerce market.

“China is one of the largest in bound partners with volumes growing there month on month, and we’ve also seen significant increases in shipping demand for the UK and US markets.

“Our Aramex network operates in over 65 countries, so there’s tremendous opportunities to access large overseas markets for Australian retailers,” he concludes.


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