Aramex Australia sees 30% spike in demand

With a 30% increase in demand across its network, Aramex Australia is seeing a record increase in deliveries.

“Now more than ever, we’re meeting the needs of businesses and consumers as they rapidly adapt to a new normal of doing things differently,” Aramex Australia CEO, Peter Lipinski said.

“As a core part of the delivery chain, our national and international network is fully operational and rising to the challenges of increasing demand as we keep parcels and deliveries on track.”

“With more than 800 Courier Franchisees delivering across 28 regional franchise networks, we are delivering the everyday goods that Australians now need,” he said.

“In the past fortnight we have seen a 34% increase in deliveries in comparison to this time last year. With more Australians working from home we are seeing many more home deliveries and customers delivering care packages to friends and family. The products with the largest increase in deliveries has been wine and pet food.”

Reports in Australia show that Aramex Australia’s couriers are being thanked and appreciated by the country’s residents who are in lockdown and appreciate the efforts of essential workers.

“I’m so proud of our couriers across Australia,” said Peter Lipinski. “They really care and go above and beyond for our customers.”.