Aramex chooses BYD electric vans

Middle Eastern express delivery giant Aramex and Chinese vehicle manufacturer BYD are working together to electrify the carrier’s fleet.

The roll out of electric cars and vans is set to begin in Amman, Jordan where 10 BYD BYD pure electric T3 vans are to be delivered by BYD’s local agent Future Motors.

The T3 van has a BYD proprietary battery pack, producing a maximum torque of 310Nm. According to BYD, the T3 can reduce operational costs by 60 percent compared to fossil fuel courier service vehicles of the same class.

BYD has also two larger capacity vans that are likely to be used by Aramex in the coming year too. These are the T5 and T7 that have advanced technology and superior build quality that have attracted interest from DHL, UPS, Beijing Environmental Sanitation Engineering Group, and DSTcar.  

Being where they are geographically, Aramex will be interested in both the US and EU as well as Far Eastern markets that are going head to head all over the world – notably Donald Trump and the European Commission have instituted tariffs against Chinese electric bike component manufacturers in recent times. While those economic blocs go to war, other areas are making their choices between them on market conditions and quality. It will be interesting to see whether DHL’s line of electric cargo vehicles make headway into the Middle East for example.