Aramex NZ drivers could walk out over stress

Stress among Aramex New Zealand delivery drivers is so high that local media outlets report a risk of strike action following that of 100 Sydney delivery drivers for the same express delivery company.

Some 100 Sydney Aramex drivers walked out last week over pay rates and working conditions that their union said was “modern slavery”.

The CEO of the Pro Drive union in New Zealand, Peter Gallagher said that the situation is at least as bad as that in Sydney. “We are certainly not ruling out collective action. A strike in New Zealand is definitely on the cards,” Gallagher says.

The union has been attempting to talk with Aramex NZ over the issue to no avail. Gallagher said that the business model is having a negative impact its drivers’ mental health.

Gallagher continued, “We have done the research using Aramex’s own numbers and found that drivers are earning significantly less than the minimum wage after costs. I have spoken to over 40 drivers across the North Island and I am yet to find a single one earning above the minimum wage.”

Aramex NZ have been contacted for comment and denied that the situation is so bad among their drivers.

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