ArrowXL investing £1m in UK network

Two man delivery home delivery specialists ArrowXL are investing more than £1 million with UniCarriers to upgrade its materials handling equipment across the delivery firm’s network.

ArrowXL has ordered 53 pieces of specialist machinery that should be delivered in time for the Black Friday delivery season spike, and should enhance productivity at the delivery firm’s hubs.

The order from UniCarrier includes a number of specialist high reach trucks that can operate at heights of up to 13.8 metres, enabling ArrowXL to maximise the space it can use at its warehouses. In addiction the delivery firm has bought PMRs, which are pedestrian controlled low lifters that have load capacities of up to two tonnes.

The new equipment will be distributed across ArrowXL’s national network of five hubs and 18 satellite bases. Each vehicle has an integrated fleet management system to provide real time information on any incidents or damage.

This investment follows the completion of a £1.7m high bay pallet racking system at the company’s warehouse in Wigan earlier this year, doubling the existing capacity at the hub.

Charlie Shiels, COO at ArrowXL, said: “Whilst we continue to further strengthen our extensive network of hubs and depots across the UK, it is equally important that we utilise the latest and most sophisticated machinery on the market to maximise efficiency. The proficiency of the operation within our warehouses directly correlates with the level of service we can deliver on behalf of our retail clients, and we are therefore committed to constant improvement.”
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