ArrowXL opens Enfield hub

White-glove delivery company ArrowXL has moved into a new hub in Enfield as part of its drive to add capacity in London and the South East.

Thanks to lockdown apparently changing shopping habits, ArrowXL is investing heavily in its infrastructure. The 84,000 square foot Enfield hub will have access to 6.47 million people within an hour’s drive of the hub and will significantly increase its capacity and deliver to a greater number of customers than the company can do from its existing site.

Charlie Shiels, CEO at ArrowXL, said: “We have seen our volumes grow steadily over the past few years as people have become more confident in purchasing big ticket items online. This has been expedited by Covid -19 as, often through necessity, the pandemic has introduced a whole new customer base to the convenience of online shopping and we believe this will continue. As a result, it is vital that we have the right infrastructure, supported by our amazing Enfield team, in place to continue to provide the highest levels of service. “