ArrowXL using PostTag to reduce failed deliveries

To improve delivery information accuracy, two-person delivery specialists ArrowXL is to use PostTag technology.

The PostTag technology checks the address details of every scheduled delivery across multi-databases. Once the program is satisfied it has the precise location, it creates a unique PostTag for that property based on complete address data.

The plan is that once the PostTag system is fully deployed, ArrowXL will use it to guide its drivers to the right location. Where there are single postcodes with several miles of properties or there is a densely populated communal building such as flats, this system will ensure less time is wasted searching and more on the business of delivery. Another facet is that customers will be able to see where their item is in real time.

Chief information officer James Robbins said: “PostTag will help to rectify any delivery failures that are caused by difficulty locating the correct property. It will allow us to streamline operations and improve our internal processes, but most importantly of all, it will unquestionably enhance the consumer journey.”


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