ASL rumoured bidder for TNT Airways

As the FedEx buyout of TNT Express takes shape, so it has been announced that the TNT Airways air cargo division must be divested, with Irish airline holding company ASL being rumoured to be the preferred bidder.

ASL is an Irish freight and passenger airline that offers services through FedEx and DHL Express already. ASL was the preferred bidder when UPS went to buy TNT in 2012 but the Dublin air cargo and passenger company’s bid fell through when the EU wouldn’t let UPS make the purchase due to competition concerns.

Though ASL has said that formal negotiations have not begun, rumours suggest that this will be the most likely company to take TNT Airways over. Under the last agreement with UPS the TNT Airways fleet would still be used to deliver TNT Express cargo – this may well be the case with the FedEx takeover.

FedEx has confirmed that for the time being it will continue to use TNT’s air cargo hub as well as its European hub in Paris. This will likely change in the medium term as the businesses combine fully. It is too early to say which hub would remain in use.