ASOS customers report delivery issues

A delivery firm working for ASOS has failed to meet next day delivery demands for the fashion retailer’s customers. The same firm broadcasts its green credentials as it does not have to pay the London Congestion Charge and is supposedly more cost efficient than its rivals.

ASOS customers who had ordered next day delivery alleged that they had to wait a week or more for their goods to be delivered.

Many of those customers also claimed they had received messages that’s the company had tried to deliver while they were inside the homes and offices they were being delivered to.

Speaking to the Evening Standard an ASOS spokesperson said: “We’re aware of an issue that is affecting some of our customers in central London. We’ve taken immediate steps with our suppliers that should ease the problems, and in the meantime we are updating customers on the status of their deliveries.

“We are happy to refund anyone who paid for delivery and did not receive their order in the expected timeframe.”