ASOS cuts per-parcel carbon emissions

In its annual Carbon Report, online fashion retailer ASOS has announced it has reduced its operational carbon emissions per order by 30% since 2015/16. This is a target set in its Carbon 2020 strategy, set in 2015. New targets are to be announced soon.

One of the highlights was that in opening a new fulfilment centre in Atlanta, USA, the company managed to reduce its customer delivery emissions in 2018/19. It has reduced these emissions in three years consecutively.

However, the company’s overall emissions still grow significantly. In 2016 the firm had 12.4 million active customers and had £1.44 billion in revenue. In 2020 it has £2.73 billion in revenue and 20.3 million customers – growth has significantly outpaced its cuts in per unit emissions.

In a foreword to the report, ASOS CEO Nick Beighton says: “In 2015, I signed off a new carbon strategy, ‘Carbon 2020,’ which defined how ASOS, through the delivery of six big ambitions, planned to meet its goal to reduce carbon intensity – grams of carbon dioxide per customer order – every year until 2020.

“Those ambitions focussed on reducing emissions relating to our customer deliveries and returns, order packaging, energy efficiency, reducing energy consumption, and switching to renewable energy sources.

“They were broad aims that helped us to define and focus our work on short-term goals. Five years on from the launch of Carbon 2020, we’re incredibly proud to have achieved everything we set out to – with a landmark reduction in carbon intensity per customer order of a staggering 30% since 2015, and consecutive reductions delivered every year since the strategy launched.”