ASOS extends into Italy

UK based international online fashion retailer ASOS has extended its reach into Italy through the DHL Parcel Connect service.

DHL and ASOS have worked together since 2014 as the retailer has undergone aggressive international expansion. The DHL Parcel Connect service uses one label for a parcel that can pass through any one of 28 different parcel carriers across the 14 markets ASOS works into. Parcel Connect also offers ASOS customers access to the biggest pick-up/drop-off network in Europe with over 70,000 shops and lockers. For ASOS Italy operations the Parcel Connect standard is operated by DHL Express.

“Italy is a very important market for us. This is a milestone in our long-standing partnership with DHL, as it allows us to further expand our service and reach our customers quickly and cost-effectively”, says Riccardo Mannhoefer, Head of Delivery Solutions at ASOS. “As our long-term partner, we know we can rely on the services and expertise of DHL eCommerce Solutions. With this service, we can continue providing our usual level of quality in shipments while also offering integrated customer service across all our key markets. Together, we work on solutions to constantly improve the entire logistics process, which in turn enables us to offer our customers the best possible shopping experience. We are also pleased to gradually expand our offer for Direct Addressing to stores and lockers for our customers all across Europe.”

“With DHL Parcel Connect, we offer ASOS full-service parcel shipping within Europe, including returns. We are able to more easily implement cross-border shipping since we can rely on a comprehensive network with the same standards for processes and data”, says Oliver Sukowski, CEO Cross Border Solutions at DHL eCommerce Solutions. “In total, we are currently processing on average more than 100 truckloads per week just for ASOS accessing our networks and those of our partners throughout Europe directly.”