ASOS Instant launched in London Wednesday

From Wednesday, 11th October, fashion retailer ASOS is to launch a new same-day delivery service in London called ASOS Instant.

The ASOS Instant scheme will allow shoppers who place an order before 10am to have their goods delivered between 1800 and 2200 on the same day. The ASOS Instant scheme will cost £12.95 per delivery.

While the service is to run inside the M25 initially, ASOS plans to extend it to other major urban centres around the UK in the near future.

Currently, shoppers with ASOS can have their goods delivered the next day for free under the annual ASOS Premier scheme. This costs £9.995 a year for those in the UK. In addition, ASOS offers a ‘precise’ delivery option where people can choose their day of delivery and a one hour delivery window that suits them.

Same-day delivery is all the rage, but has only really penetrated a few select urban centres around the UK. Countryside and smaller urban centre dwellers are largely left out of the schemes being launched by a range of major e-tailers nationally, largely due to the distances involved between drops. It is notable that Sainsbury’s owned Argos is the major exception to this, with a very large proportion of the UK population covered by its Fast Track service. Argos takes the lead while others such as ASOS Instant trail far behind…
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