Australia Post buys 961 electric delivery vehicles

As part of an investment in 961 three-wheeled electric delivery vehicles (eDVs), Australia Post is deploying 182 of them in the state of Queensland. 

Each eDV has the capacity to carry more than 100 parcels and up to 1,200 letters.

The roll-out in Queensland, ahead of much of the rest of the country, is for Australia Post to meet the coming peak season demand.

General Manager Deliveries Queensland Angela Creedon said, “Our eDVs can carry three times more than our traditional postie motorbike, and that extra capacity will come in handy as we approach Christmas.”

“We’re currently servicing two of Queensland’s biggest online shopping hotspots, with 55 vehicles delivering to Heathwood and surrounding suburbs – with that number to grow to 160 – and 22 in Rockhampton.

“Today, our posties deliver 42 % of all parcels, and we need vehicles with the capacity to continue delivering for our customers – especially in suburbs like Heathwood where online shopping grew 24.7 % in 2018 from the previous year, and Rockhampton which grew 19.2 %.”

Ms Creedon said along with added capacity, the vehicles come with added safety features, meaning more protection for posties.

“These vehicles are more visible, more stable, have increased rider protection and lower on-road speeds, all of which makes our posties safer.”

“We have made modifications such as adding an overhead canopy, dash cams, a hydraulic seat, speed limiters, engine immobilisers and automatic storage locking systems, based on feedback from posties.

“Our posties love the extra safety features, customers love the extra carrying capacity, and everyone loves the almost-silent running – including dogs.”


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