Australia Post chooses Google Cloud for big data

As well as the drone delivery service we reported today, Google’s activities in Australia are also helping Australia Post with its public cloud service powering the postal operator’s data analytic service.

The big data on Google Cloud is to help drive delivery capabilities, with Australia Post delivering 3.3 billion items a year to 11.9 million delivery points in 2018.

With Australia Post delivering more than 3.3 billion items to 11.9 million delivery points across the country last year, company CIO John Cox said that Google Cloud would deliver a further uplift in delivery capabilities.

“We tested a number of scenarios that were important to us: image detection (such as parcel damage, hand writing recognition, translation services), voice (including natural language interpretation and context) as well as traditional data analytics,” said company CIO John Cox.

“Our priority here was on speed and the ability to build out machine learning scenarios, Google is a clear market leader in the machine learning space, and are investing more than any other company in building out capability.”

Google’s BigQuery cloud data warehouse is playing an important role in Australia Post’s ongoing automation push.

Mr Cox said that BigQuery has given Australia Post visibility into every stage of the mail delivery process and helps delivery teams make decisions faster.

“The amount of time it takes to perform analytics has been reduced by a factor of 10, including how long it takes to use visualisation-intensive business intelligence applications, such as Tableau.”

“Australia Post has over five billion scans of parcels on an annual basis and this number is increasing due to the $300 million we are investing in automation,” he said.


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