Australia Post – Direct mail a key influencer

Personalised direct mail plays a key role in Australians’ planning purchases according to Australia Post. The postal operator commissioned a study that suggested that they may look at up to seven advertising channels while planning a purchase, and “personalised direct mail plays a key role in influencing customers in the initial consideration stage”.

Australia Post commissioned the Australian Consumer Retail and Services Research Unit (ACRS) at the Monash Business School’s Department of Marketing to survey more than 8500 Australians on what combinations of advertising channels can influence their banking, superannuation, finance and utilities purchases.

The report analysed what advertising channels customers were most influenced by across radio, TV, print, emails, social media, personalised direct mail, websites online banners, billboards as well as catalogues and flyers.

Australia Post’s General Manager Customer Data & Insights, Paul Fanthorpe said that while digital channels play an increasingly important part, marketers can’t discount the power of multi-channel campaigns.

“Although there are more online tools and channels at a marketer’s disposal than ever before, customers still turn to multi-channels to make complex purchasing decisions; they rarely ever rely on a single channel.”

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One of Royal Mail’s biggest businesses is personalised direct mail, with research in the UK reflecting that people are more likely to open an envelope addressed to them than a spam email giving similar offers. For mail operators this is a good source of income in the face of plummeting personal mail volumes.

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