Australia Post extends business with Lazada

Australia Post is to extend its partnership with Alibaba. The postal operator and Chinese giant are to work together on an initiative extending Australia Post ‘s online storefronts beyond China to Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore.

The storefronts branded with Australia Post are to establish the first Australian marketplace within the Lazada South East Asian e-commerce network. Alibaba has a majority stake in the network.

Lazada gives access to 560 million customers in six countries and has categories ranging from consumer electronics to fashion and health products.

In a statement, Australia Post Executive General Manager Parcels and StarTrack CEO, Bob Black said the South-East Asian expansion built on Australia Post’s strong relationship with Alibaba.

“We are committed to supporting local Australian businesses and delivering eCommerce solutions that make it easier to grow their businesses whether that be across Australia or overseas,” said Black.

“International expansion can be daunting for many businesses, particularly small and medium sized enterprises. That’s why we are proud to have partnered with Alibaba to help give Australian businesses access to the booming eCommerce sector in China and now the lucrative South-East Asian market.”

Black added that Australia Post also planned to open storefronts on Lazada’s other sites in Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines beyond this year.

As also shown on Apex Insight today, Alibaba has just opened its Australia / New Zealand HQ in Melbourne this weekend. This announcement from Australia Post signals even greater ties with Alibaba and its sphere of interests for the Australian e-commerce market.  
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