Australia Post – Samsung Galaxy Note 7 policy

After the much publicised problems of exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7s, postal operators around the world have been revisiting their policies on transporting the products. Australia Post has now released a statement clarifying its own policy in regard carrying the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

Australia Post said: “In accordance with ACCC safety advice, and in consultation with the major telecommunications providers, Australia Post has been accepting returns of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and Note 7 Edge via road transport in clearly marked packages. Australia Post is not carrying the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 by air.

“We have been working with the manufacturer who has advised the device is safe to transport as long as it is switched off. This advice has been consistently communicated to consumers by all parties involved.

“We continue to review the situation and consult with our employees and their representatives. In the meantime we have advised product distributors to instruct their customers to return the devices directly to them.”

The USPS released a statement last week stating its own position out in this regard. Lithium batteries in phones can explode in some circumstances anyway, and the Galaxy Note 7, for yet to be fully explained reasons, has caused headaches among postal and logistics operators, none of whom wish to see their aircraft brought down due to a policy oversight. Container ships also burn, though not as dramatically as aircraft and consequently carriers in air, land and sea are all a little queasy about international product returns to South Korea!
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