Australia Post to deliver government digital services

Following other national postal operators, Australia Post is to work with its Federal Government to develop and delivery ‘user friendly’ solutions for the Australian public to access government digital services.

Australia Post will collaborate with the Digital Transformation Agency to integrate its own identity technology into the Commonwealth’s Digital Identity Framework.

The partnership will focus on developing a proof of concept to help government agencies enhance how they provide access to services online and over the counter.

Australia Post Managing Director & Group CEO Ahmed Fahour said: “Our new Digital iD platform provides Australians with greater choice and control in how they prove their identity online.

Fahour said there are millions of interactions with government and private sector organisations each year that require people to produce at least two or more forms of ID to prove who they are.

“Our research shows these processes cost the Australian economy up to $11 billion a year in proving identity alone, and can be unlocked by making it easy, safe and secure to prove that you are who you say you are when interacting online,” said Fahour.

“We envisage an identity solution, like Digital iD, could unlock significant benefits for everyday Australians doing business with government.”  
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