Austrian Post parcel revenues up 11.3%

Revenues at Austrian Post Group have grown by 3.2% in the first three quarters of 2019. Revenues hit €1.462 billion, with parcel revenues growing 11.3% to €437.2 million.

With e-commerce growing quickly in the country, the postal operator is investing heavily in this area. The Lower Austria (Hagenbrunn) parcel logistics centre has become fully operational in the period, with a new one at Styria (Kalsdorf) planned to be fully operational soon. Meanwhile the Talgau/Salzburg delivery base is set to open in the middle of 2020.

CEO Georg Pölz commented: “The partnership with Deutsche Post DHL Group to deliver parcels in Austria had a very good start. Since 1 August 2019, DHL parcels for Austria are delivered by Austrian Post. As a consequence, total monthly transport and delivery volumes are now about 25% higher than in the previous year.”

“On the back of the high level of liquidity, Austrian Post is in a position to finance on its own targeted growth investments in the logistics infrastructure and new financial services. The generated operating cash flow will continue to be used for investments in the operating business and for maintaining the company’s attractive dividend policy”,


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