Austrian Post to launch new online marketplace

Austrian Post is to launch a new online shopping marketplace in April.

Designed to give retailers an alternative to eBay or Amazon, the new website is to be called So far the Austrian Post owned website has drawn support from 65 Austrian retailers to include Salamander, Kastner & Ohler, E-tec and Gigasport.

The retailers that sign up to the Austrian Post website will pay a fee for every sale they make, not unlike the international rivals eBay or Amazon.

The announcement that the new marketplace would be launched was made in early 2016 and so far it has been running in Beta. Once shoppers have made the purchase, they will pay a delivery fee of €3.30 for orders under €33 and will pay nothing for orders over €33.

This move is interesting insofar that it goes into direct competition with Amazon and eBay while keeping the deliveries in-house, thereby creating business for the postal operator. Given that Amazon is moving into deliveries and logistics it is somewhat unsurprising that a postal operator such as Austrian Post would go the other way – into online retailing. Should the business model be a success, it could lead the way for smaller postal operators that are dealing with shrinking volumes and are seeking other business opportunities. Those countries without an Amazon marketplace such as Switzerland could particularly benefit from a scheme such as this one.

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