Autonomous sorting solution video by Unmanned Life and Prime Vision

Two tech firms Prime Vision and Unmanned Life have videoed a live demonstration of their ‘autonomous sorting’ solution in front of an invited audience at Zoetermeer in the Netherlands.

The demonstration was a proof of concept event that took place in an empty warehouse last Tuesday. It was aimed at showing how a sorting centre can be run using autonomous robotic unmanned vehicles (UVs).

Prime Vision and Unmanned Life are working together in a bid to develop a solution for the mail and parcel industry.

According to Prime Vision: “This ‘pop-up’ sorting centre can be deployed in any building in less than a day. These UV’s or ‘Rovers’ as Prime Vision like to call them, require no other equipment or existing plant to operate and are safe to work alongside human workers. The system can be scaled up or down and rovers can even be dispatched to other locations depending on the days requirements.”

Eddy Thans, CEO of Prime Vision, commented: “It is clear that robotics offers great potential to the logistics industry. The concept Prime Vision and Unmanned Live have developed and shown today, is incredibly convincing and outlines the future for robotics in our industry.

“I truly believe that Autonomous Sorting can alleviate the challenges resulting from the fast-growing parcel volumes created by e-commerce. The flexibility and scalability of Autonomous Sorting is unrivalled and clearly demonstrates the ease with which postal companies can scale up or down to meet the seasonal demands without the need for large investment.”

Over the coming months Prime Vision and Unmanned Life plan to demonstrate further advancements in the development of the system, including a robotic arm that can perform autonomous pick-up and place of parcels.

The video showcasing the solution can be viewed at:

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