Bairro raises €1.2m in funding to expand beyond Lisbon

A new same-day delivery startup in Portugal, Bairro, has has just raised €1.2 million in investment funding. Bairro operates in Lisbon and delivers supermarket goods to the consumer within the hour, between 10am and 12pm, 7 days a week.

The group of international investors include Leonid Dovladbegyan, general director of online hypermarket (X5 Retail Group), Dmitry Shklyar, lead investor and business angel, Alex Vasiliev, former director of and Cainiao, and Andrey Tsytsenko, former director of Delivery Club and Pandao.

The investment is intended to further expand the business out of Lisbon and into Oporto, and then early next year to go nationwide.

Bairro was founded by Artem Kokhan and Milana Dovzhenko in December 2020, and already has a range of major suppliers on board such as Unilever, PepsiCo and Nestle among others.

Milana Dovzhenko, founding partner of Bairro, stated: “It is indisputable that consumption habits are changing, mainly driven by the pandemic context. Shopping from home, more conveniently and quickly, is increasingly a reality for consumers and we considered that there was room in the market to create a service that would solve the problem of last-minute supermarket purchases, in an efficient way and without high costs. Bairro wants to be hand in hand with the Portuguese people at all times of their day, always guaranteeing the highest quality of products and just-in-time delivery, from that special ingredient that’s missing for the dinner for two or the popcorn for that movie session with the family. Additionally, this service allows for less food waste, as there are fewer impulse purchases or products that end up never being used within their validity period.”

In the next two years it plans to expand the range of food and consumer goods, as well as focus on pharmaceutical products.

“The impressive traction of the project, the current volume of the Portuguese food market, which represents an estimated value of 24 billion euros and the low competition in the the fast delivery segment in the region, were factors that led to the decision to invest in Bairro”, commented business angel Dmitry Shklyar.

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