Barclaycard – UK meal kit subscriptions booming

More than one in four UK online customers rely on deliver-to-door meal kit food subscription services for half their meals according to research by Barclaycard.

The research also shows that 18% of adults in the UK are signed up to a food or restaurant subscription service. Over 40% of grocery food and drink businesses now offer a subscription service while 25% are developing one at present. Grocery delivery services are predicting a 35% growth in sign-ups in the next 12 months.

Pandemic restrictions haven’t led to a cool-off in demand according to Barclaycard. Some 82% of subscription vendors have seen an increase in business even after the restrictions were eased. Over two-thirds are planning to expand their businesses as a result.

Marc Pettican, president of Barclaycard Payments, said: “We’ve seen many retail trends accelerate since early 2020 and food and drink is no exception. During lockdowns consumers increasingly signed up to subscriptions to replicate restaurant-quality meals at home, while also enjoying the added convenience. Many consumers have changed their weekly food shopping habits to include subscriptions within their meal plans. From learning new recipes to trying new foods, it’s apparent many of us have become more comfortable cooking at home.”

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