Basic postage rate increase at Australia Post

Australia Post has asked for a Basic Post Rate (BPR) increase from AUD $1 to $1.00.

In its approach to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) Australia Post pointed out it has made efficiency savings in its business. In its view the price increase reflects “a balanced approach to ensuring a sustainable community post service.”

According to the postal operator the average household that regularly sends letters will pay just $1.50 a year extra.

The extra money will help maintain the Australia Post Office network including the regional and rural network that provides access to government and banking to remote communities. Postal deliveries across the continent will remain at five days a week.

Concession stamps for the 5.7 million Australians eligible for them are to be maintained, as well as the 65 cent seasonal greeting card stamp rate.

“In the last financial year, we delivered a profit in-line with that three years earlier. We did this with 820 million less letters delivered to over 700,000 more homes,” Group Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director Christine Holgate said.

“Our posties deliver to more than 12.1 million addresses across the country. It doesn’t matter if they have one letter or 100 for the address, they still need to drive past the letterbox each day.

“Last year our letters business lost $190 million – this is after the benefit of significant efficiency savings. It is important that we responsibly address pricing if we are to protect this important service and keep our network of community post offices open.”


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