Battery electric Transit set for launch in 2021

Volume launch of the all-electric Ford Transit van is set for 2021. The plug-in hybrid variant is coming onto the market later this year.

The working prototype of the all-electric Transit was shown off at a ‘Go Further’ event in Amsterdam. The new vehicle will be available in a number of body styles, have a competitive payload, and maintain the Transit’s reputation for its capability and durability.

“The electric powertrain is being engineered to provide a practical daily driving range for city-based businesses, to be maintained in all weather conditions and throughout the working life of the vehicle.”

The Transit chassis is already being used by DHL’s StreetScooter company, with the StreetScooter XL aimed at the last mile delivery sector. It is assembled at the Ford plant in Cologne, Germany.

“Commercial customers need smarter, more integrated solutions, built around a connected business environment,” said Hans Schep, general manager, commercial vehicles.

In January, Ford and Volkswagen agreed an alliance which will involve Ford building medium-sized pick-ups for both companies. Ford intends to engineer and build larger commercial vans for European customers and Volkswagen intends to develop and build a city van.


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