Belk well placed for pandemic due to ship-from-store processes

Belk, the US department store chain, reports that it did well during the first stages of the pandemic economic restrictions thanks to having ship-from-store order fulfilment processes in place already.

The Belk ship-from-store systems were supported with parcel shipping software from Logistyx Technologies. Using the Logistyx TME transport management systems, Belk had set up its ship-from-store processes long before the pandemic appeared in the US. With the changes in shopping habits, the department store chain managed to adapt quickly and achieved strong results.

Logistyx’s TME solution gives its clients instant access to contracted carriers and services and offers rates for every location. It is integrated with Manhattan Associates’ order management software and with the other software can support multi-carrier rate shopping, shipment execution and label generation, real-time shipment tracking and delivery transparency.

Belk’s ship-from-store system turned its stores into distribution centres without excessive process changes to send shipments to its customers’ homes. Demand for parcels increased strongly in the pandemic so not requiring major changes enabled a smooth transition when the sudden changes came.

One issue that arose was carrier capacity limits for Belk, and Logistyx supported the store chain in growing its carrier network by giving access to its library of over 550 carriers. This ultimately reduced transportation costs and provided a consistent level of service to Belk’s customers.

Ken Fleming, president of Logistyx Technologies, explained, “While simple in theory, executing store-level shipping presents considerable challenges for some retailers, including limited carrier selection and complex rate shopping. Our software is able to address these issues, providing retailers with the ability to move inventory from all locations whether in distribution centers, warehouses or stores and optimize delivery cost and efficiency to improve the customer experience.”

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