Bell and Howell – the cost of downtime

Print and mail software provider Bell and Howell have released a new report that looks at the cost of downtime in print and mail operations.

The report is called ‘Assisting the True Cost of Operational Downtime’, and says that respondents to the survey have said that their biggest concern was idle employees, followed closely with customer satisfaction and excess labour costs.

“Despite technological advances in print and mail production, and finishing and sorting technologies, many organizations still deal with the drag that operations downtime places on productivity and profit,” said Bell and Howell.

Key findings from the Bell and Howell report include:

54% of respondents reported more than three downtime incidents in the past 12 months; 21% reported two or three incidents

61% reported average downtime durations between two to six hours, while 13% reported more than 12 hours per incident

As well as idle employees, excess labour costs and customer satisfaction, the respondents also said that also cited a number of other concerns about operational downtime: lost or missed revenue (46%) repair costs (42%), employee morale (33%), and quality of the finished product (33%)

When asked to cite their number one concern when it came to operational downtime, respondents overwhelmingly listed customer satisfaction (58%), followed far behind by lost or missed revenue (17%) and excess labour costs (13%)

Bell and Howell CEO Ramesh Ratan said the ability to run a successful production operation relies on equipment operating at optimal levels.

“Assessing the True Cost of Operational Downtime” is available for download for free at .

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