Beumer Group build sortation system for DPD Russia

Sorting technology company Beumer Group has been awarded a contract to design, manufacture and install a sortation system at DPD Russia’s new central logistics centre in Domodedovo. The system will be based on its existing Rota-Sorter technology.

According to the technology company, the Rota-Sorter is able to sort items across a wide range of shapes, sizes and weights at high speed on a single line. It also handles fragile items. These facets were major selling points for the new system.

DPD Russia already uses Rota-Sorter technology in its logistics centre in St Petersburg. According to Beumer the system has enabled the delivery company to have a 100% increase in productivity over its old system since it began operating in December 2014.

The system handles items ranging in size and weight from plastic bags and catalogues, to packages up to 1200 x 800 x 800mm in size, with packages weighing up to 31.5kg. The Domodedovo will integrate 15 discharge chutes, barcode scanners as well as a fully automated volume measurement system, and will sort up to 3500 items per minute. It will be equipped with a Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) as well as the Beumer Sortation System (BeSS) logistics software.

The interface to DPD’s main computer system will also ensure transparent operation across the different systems and controls. The statement announcing the new system by Beumer said, “This will enable DPD to provide a fast, flexible and reliable supply to customers throughout Russia,” said BEUMER.

DPD has been expanding its interests in Russia, and delivered 14 million parcels across the country over the last year. The new sortation system should enable them to expand their operations further.