BI-LOG redefines ‘parcel’…

The Bavarian logistics company BI-LOG has announced plans to install a series of parcel lockers around wider Germany on a white label basis. That sounds fine – many businesses are doing that. Not all is at it seems though…

The plans are to have installed 100 parcel lockers outside supermarkets and petrol stations around Germany.

Managing Director of BI-LOG and co-founder of Royal Mail’s GLS Herlbert Trunk has told local media outlets that the company is looking for parcel locker locations near arterial roads around Germany.

Under the scheme, the Bavarian parcel locker company Locktec is to install and maintain the lockers which would then be branded according to the client companies’ needs.

One thing has puzzled observers though – the size of each parcel locker. Each locker is to be 2.6 metres tall, 2.4 metres wide and either 6.1 or 12.20 metres long (depending on whether they are one or two TEUs in size). While explaining why the parcel locker needs to be near a major road (only a truck could carry that sort of ‘parcel’) it does raise the question as to what ‘parcels’ will be put inside in terms of volume. Having co-founded GLS which is one of the most successful logistics companies in Europe, the BI-LOG founder will have a clear idea as to the potential market and scope of the business… won’t he?