BIFA calls for end-user involvement in testing customs declaration system

The British International Freight Association (BIFA) has criticised the HMRC over a ‘dangerous oversight’ in its development of a new Customs declarations IT system.

Director general of BIFA, Robert Keen has said that the problem could create a perfect storm of issues with the prospect of a no-deal Brexit. 

Keen complained that progress with the development of the new IT system has been inconsistent. “Our single greatest concern is that currently the development process does not involve representatives of the end-user,” said Keen. “This is a dangerous oversight because it is the end-user who will determine what will actually work in practice.”

Led by Keen, BIFA is challenging the HMRC to work with the IT sector to identify all the problem areas and to resolve them. It then needs to set a realistic timeframe to deliver the system – fully developed, tested and stable. BIFA have also called for end-user involvement in testing the system so the theory in the HMRC matches real world practice.


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