Big Box Automation launched

Storage and warehousing providers Big Box Group has launched a new subsidiary called Big Box Automation. This is to meet demand for robotics enhanced warehousing.

The subsidiary provides a complete range of solutions for businesses looking for bespoke and integrated warehouse automation that includes e-fulfilment solutions, intelligent robotics, picking, sorting and packing equipment.

“Our original Intralogistics business which covers warehouse design, racking and storage systems, including handling equipment was added to in 2018 with Big Box Buildings. This is a company which offers temporary to full steel building solutions for industry and more,” said Iain Gillard the Group MD.  “After this it was a logical extension to create a new subsidiary in the automation and robotics sector. We had already been working in this market, but we realised we needed more resource and expertise to offer our customers the right level of service.”

Identifying that this was a strong growth opportunity for the Big Box Group they have not only launched the new business but also recruited a leading professional to head it up. Jason Dyche has been working in the goods handling and equipment market since the turn of the Millennium. Most recently he worked for Wanzl as their Business Unit Account Director, responsible for traditional equipment as well as automated systems. His clients included major food retailers comprising of Sainsburys, Asda, Co-op, Tesco as well as names such as Aldi, Lidl, Iceland and Greggs. He also dealt with large E Commerce suppliers such as Amazon and service handlers including the major UK airports, the Royal Mail and DHL.

“Jason is tasked with establish and growing Big Box Automation as a leading UK supplier to E Commerce businesses, the logistics sector and other users of robotics,” continued Iain, “with his experience, knowledge and network of contacts he is ideal for the job. He will be working with Balyo, a leading worldwide provider of AGV material handling products. Grey Orange and Berkshire Grey, two of the worlds leading robotics suppliers offering warehouse inventory management and fulfilment systems. To compliment Big Box Automation strategy of ‘Goods in to goods out’ Jason is already working on a number of exciting project. It’s a great complementary range, offering synergy and transformation to our customers.”

Jason has a broad range of experience in systems architecture as well as application. “With the ever-increasing demands of customers and expectations of same day delivery pressure is on to offer this service as well as store pick-up.

“This has forced companies to improve efficiency and reduce their order-to-delivery time. Systematic automation of their logistical processes allows businesses to meet customers needs and gain a competitive advantage. Goods-to-person robotic systems are the future for online and traditional warehouses.”

Jason also commented: “This a young and high growth market which is still in its infancy. Whilst Amazon have embraced robotics every company is looking at its logistics operations and efficiencies through the application of automation. Big Box Automation are already working with several clients in system design, operating software application and equipment supply.”