Big updates at Shopify

Online shopping platform Shopify is diversifying into fulfilment. It has also launched a new platform for enterprise brands and has significantly improved its platform for its core, SME clients.

At an international Shopify developers’ conference the software giant announced Shopify Plus that gives a single view of a merchant’s entire business, as well as tools that facilitate a consistent experience across stores, and an easier way to create new stores, empowering enterprise merchants to move fast, build with the customer in mind, and unlock growth potential.

For existing merchants there are new shipping features that make it possible for merchants to set specific shipping rules and pricing for different products, and create automatic and more accurate visibility throughout the fulfilment process, including any activity happening in third-party apps and services.

“Shopify’s real power comes from the variety and strength of our ecosystem,” said Shopify CEO Tobi Lutke. “Unite gives our developer and partner community access to our product roadmap. Together, and only together, we can shape the future of commerce and empower entrepreneurs around the world.”


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