Black Friday busiest UK e-commerce shopping day

Market intelligence agency SimilarWeb has listed the five biggest festive shopping days in UK online shoppers’ calendars.

The busiest shopping day of all is Black Friday, a relatively new phenomenon to the UK as it has been imported to the UK from the US Thanksgiving tradition. Where the UK doesn’t have the family and religious aspect to the tradition, it has only recently picked up the shopping tradition, and last year Black Friday was the busiest online shopping day all year.

The report, the Rise of the UK Mega Shopping Day, suggested, “Black Friday set the biggest one-day shopping peak last year, recording a 14% rise in traffic in 2014 and the biggest spike of traffic  for retailers (5.2%) in the period from 26 November to 26 December.” Individual retailers that marketed their goods very well saw huge spikes, with a 111% increase in traffic at H&M and a 77% spike at John Lewis.

The next busiest day in the calendar is Thanksgiving, which this year will be Thursday the 25th November as people try to get their goods without issues to do with websites hanging and delays in delivery. The UK has an advantage here as it is not a public holiday as it is in the US.

Joint second is Boxing Day, the 26th December. Fashion retailers tend to benefit from this, the first day of January Sales. Cyber Monday follows hard on its heels, with a 9% rise in traffic. Following so close on the heels of Black Friday and not being linked to any national holiday, it follows that this is a relatively minor spike.

Christmas Day is the fourth busiest shopping day as people go towards their computers after filling up on turkey and Christmas cheer, and a 3.4% increase in traffic against the norm.

As the new tradition of buying Christmas presents early on Black Friday kicks in, so e-commerce is driving a change of culture in retail.