Blue Arrow – warehouse wages up 3.3%

Recruiting firm Blue Arrow has published research suggesting that warehouse workers’ wages have grown by 3.3%, taking the annual average up from £15,517 to £17,062.

Among all the roles in the sector, forklift drivers won wage increases of around 6.5% (from £19,990 to £21,283) on average. Production operative wages didn’t see such fast growth, with an average increase of an above inflation 2.4% (£16,766 to £17,164).

Workers in the transport and logistics industry saw wages increase much more slowly at an industry average of 0.9%. The only area where wages actually fell was among Class 1 drivers who saw wages fall by an average of 2%, from £27,155 to £26,612.

“We might not have seen wages drop dramatically, but we’re also not seeing them shoot up particularly fast,” said Toni Richards of Blue Arrow. “The economy is holding on for now and we appear to be approaching the summer in a good position.”

The wage growth seems to reflect the none-too-buoyant economy that is struggling in the face of a virtually non-existent government and the waves of uncertainty as the leaderless country blunders into Brexit negotiations. While those who stood to gain from Brexit cheer, the economy and those generating wealth haven’t seen great results in their take home pay.

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