BlueCrest and GreyHair announce mail tech partnership

Mail tech companies GreyHair Software and BlueCrest have signed a partnership agreement where they will deliver end to end mail tracking solutions to their existing clients and prospects.

The deal will leverage GreyHair’s mail tracking and address quality services and BlueCrest’s mail management and works production workflow. These together will ensure a comprehensive end to end mail tracking service.

Tom McCaully, CEO of GrayHair, said , “Until now, it’s been a challenge to manage and collect data throughout the entire lifecycle of a mail piece. This new partnership will provide not only full chain-of-custody tracking and reporting, but will also leverage data and analytics to help deliver the right message, to the right person, at the right address, on time.”

Dennis LeStrange, CEO of BlueCrest , added, “This partnership allows us to enhance and complement our existing toolset to deliver more value for our clients.” 

“Our clients will be able to gather deep insights into their mailing data so they can improve efficiencies. Partnerships like these represent a unique way to invest in the business and continually bring end-to-end value to our clients.”