Bluedistrib dropping Parisian Xbox Ones in Paris

Bollore Logistics subsidiary and urban logistics specialist Bluedistrib is to deliver Microsoft XBOX ONE X consoles to parcel locker terminals in Paris. The lucky customers who have bought them will then be able to get into the parcel lockers at 0001 local time on the 7th November and be the first to play them in France.

The logistics operation has the Xboxes being routed to Bluedistrib and they will load them into the ‘relay’ parcel lockers. At one minute past midnight the customers will receive security codes to open the lockers and get to enjoy them as soon as they get to their homes / mates’ houses…

“This is a highly secure logistics operation that combines physical and high-tech flows in order to guarantee to our partners Cdiscount and Microsoft, who place their trust in us, that there will be no distribution before the agreed time,” said Sandrine Ressayre, a Bluedistrib director.

Bluedistrib said its “sustainable urban logistics” service is organised around two shifts: “The first during the night to process the e-commerce flow which will be available in its relays for pick-up early the next morning, and the second during the day for ‘same-day’ flows combining area collection and redistribution through its network within a few hours.”

The company said that the parcel lockers have been used for a broad range of applications. “Food Tech start-ups delivering packed lunches, and Customer Service professionals with spare parts available near their intervention addresses, have already tried it out,” said Bluedistrib.

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