BMW pilots Iveco LNG logistics vehicle

BMW Group has announced it is trialling an Iveco LNG fuelled truck for logistics operations. BMW are testing the Iveco Stralls NP, which is the first LNG truck designed for long haul transportation in the industry.

BMW’s Dr Thomas Irrenhauser supervised the pilot operation on behalf of BMW. He said that LNG is a “reasonable, sustainable alternative to conventional diesel” in the long term.

Pierre Labutte, Iveco brand president, said:“We are very proud that BMW has taken in IVECO’s vision of the future of the sector, with natural gas being the next step towards sustainability. We are seeing a fast growing number of international manufacturers and logistics operators opting for LNG for their transport requirements.”

LNG is different from LPG that you see in cars and vans in that it is a refined product with very defined calorific values. Truck engines using it are very similar to diesel trucks in that they have ‘compression-ignition’ engines, have similar range to their diesel counterparts yet produce far less soot. While a petroleum based product – it is a fossil fuel – it is less polluting and for the time being is a step toward ultra low emissions transport vehicles.