Booster supplies biodiesel direct to customers

Booster has announced that it has converted 90 of its US diesel customers to renewable fuel within the first month of its decarbonisation initiative. The move to renewable diesel by the California based tech-enabled mobile fleet energy delivery company affects 1200 vehicles, and as it continues its plans will help its customers cut their emissions by more than 70%.

The Renewable Energy Group biodiesel will be supplied to hundreds of fleet customers across the US. In supplying it direct by road tanker to customers, so Booster addresses a known problem – that the supply chain for biodiesel is poor in the US and it isn’t commonly found at gas stations. Government figures show that just 3% of US forecourts stock bioethanol and less than 1% biodiesel.

“The lack of clean energy infrastructure poses one of the greatest barriers to decarbonising the transportation sector,” said Frank Mycroft, CEO and co-founder of Booster. “Booster is offering a solution for customers who want to decarbonise affordably and sustainably but can’t justify driving miles out of their way to do so. By bringing renewable energy directly to fleets, we help optimise their operations while reducing emissions in communities.”

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