bpost acquisitions to open new warehouse in Willebroek

Belgian bpost’s two recent acquisitions Nedcargo and Active Ants are to combine their operations at a new warehouse in Belgium. Nedcargo supplies food and alcoholic drinks to supermarkets across the Benelux region, but 3PL Active Ants is to add e-commerce into these operations.

The new site in Willebroek is to open in July this year, with an advanced robot e-commerce picking system set up by Active Ants. This collaboration comes from the two companies getting to know one another after being acquired by bpost.

“Nedcargo has a strong position in food and liquor, a segment where we are scarcely active in, though one with big e-commerce needs,” says Jeroen Dekker, one of the founders of Active Ants.

“Currently, our customers often use resellers for the e-commerce channel. We are now able to offer a direct e-commerce channel through Active Ants,” says Nedcargo COO Jurgen Mook.

Active Ants is a Dutch 3PL provider with its online retail customers placing all their stock in its warehouses for picking, packing and shipping. Its new owners bpost have brought its operations into Belgium with five new clients likely to have their goods handled by Active Ants shortly after the unit opens in July. The 3PL sees Nedcargo as a driver for its e-commerce business.

Nedcargo CEO/founder Roderick de la Houssaye is delighted to be able to offer an e-commerce solution not only in the Benelux but also across Europe in partnership with Active Ants. “There are still a few obstacles for alcoholic beverages outside the Benelux, as every country has it own excise rules. We are now able to supply excise goods in France and Germany alongside the Benelux. Another four countries will be added to that list over the next few months. Our ambition is to be able to supply the whole of Europe.”

Kathleen Van Beveren, CEO Parcels & Logistics Eurasia bpost group says: “bpost group does more than just handing out parcels: we take care of the entire process that precedes the last mile, from product storage to order processing and preparation for transport. Both retailers and e-tailers are looking for a partner who can take care of this entire logistics process. The demand for a global player to help realise an omni-commerce strategy is high. Our offer responds to a growing need. This cooperation with Nedcargo, among others, confirms this.”

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