bpost CEO stepping down

bpost CEO Koen Van Garven has indicated to the Board of Directors that he will not apply to renew his contract when it ends on the 26th February next year.

Koen Van Gerven said: “A lot of hard work has been delivered over the past years with the entire team. We’ve successfully tackled multiple challenges and the company knows where it’s heading. The vision, strategy and plans are clear, and their execution has begun. Recent results have shown that the group is armed with a strong ambition and the right people to respond to the changes of  a digitalizing world. The first green shoots of our strategy roll-out are present, but we still have a long way to go. Therefore, bpost needs a CEO who can guarantee continuity in our transformation journey for the full term of the six year mandate.”

François Cornelis, Chairman of bpost’s Board of Directors, praises the CEO for his work : “Over the past six years, Koen has led the group through a significant transformation of its activities with courage and commitment. He has maintained  the company’s societal role in Belgium, reacted appropriately to the changing market and launched new products and services in order to guarantee the sustainable growth of the company. On behalf of the Board, I would like to offer him my sincere thanks for the work done and to  wish him all the best in his future projects.”

Van Garven joined the bpost Board in 2006 as Director of Retail & Financial Services. In 2009 he became CIO and was part of the team that prepared the postal operator’s flotation in 2013. Has been bpost CEO since February 2014.


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