bpost launches crowdshipping app

Belgian postal operator bpost has launched a new collaborative platform app called bringr. Bringr will enable users to source drivers to collect and deliver goods for them, not unlike Nimber in the UK.

Bpost explained the concept in a statement: “With bringr , a scoop in Belgium, bpost complements its existing product range with a service that enables users to find a driver to pick up goods at point A and deliver them to point B (for instance the transport of a microwave oven you just bought via a second-hand website, the forgotten keys that you need back, an armchair just too big for your car, etc.).”

Bringr is available on iOS and Android. Those using the app can both register as drivers or ask for deliveries. According to bpost the price is “based on various parameters, such as weight and distance; payment is made electronically through the app”.

The postal operator is piloting the new service in the Antwerp area, though the goods being picked up in Antwerp can be delivered anywhere else in the country. If this is successful, bpost say that this will be rolled out across Belgium.

Koen Van Gerven, bpost’s CEO, said of the new service, “The digitization of our world represents threats but offers opportunities at the same time. We don’t have to fear digitization but embrace it and use it to make bpost a stronger company. This is what innovation is about and bringr is a good example of this.”

Last week’s Triangle World Mail and Express Europe Conference in Warsaw last week focused on how postal operators and parcel companies need to adapt and learn from disruptive development such as digitisation and crowdsourcing and crowdshipping. This is precisely what the conference organisers were talking about!