bpost offering Ria Money Transfer services

bpost is to offer international money transfers with Ria Money Transfer at its 600 post offices. 

“bpost is always striving to offer its customers a world-class service and teaming up with Ria Money Transfer, a global remittance leader known for its efficiency and competitive prices worldwide, represents an opportunity to offer a streamlined, secure and transparent remittance service to customers nationwide,” says Jan Smets, Director Retail & Customer Care bpost.

Millions of families around the world benefit from money sent home by their family members who work abroad. This has got to the point the UN has got involved, with it requesting that the average cost of remittances should be lowered to 3% by 2030. Ria Money Transfer is leading the industry in driving costs down to that level.

“We are thrilled to partner with bpost, a leading postal operator and a socially responsible business player,” shared Jose Cabral, Managing Director at Ria Europe. “Through our shared values of transparency and sustainability, we will bring better access to cost-effective and secure money transfers to customers across Belgium.”


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