bpost receives state aid support for government contracts

The Belgian government has approved its latest management contract for bpost to continue its universal service obligation. bpost will continue to provide the same services it offered under the previous management contract but is also to provide digital public services.

The state aid is legal under EU regulations but must be approved by the European Commission and is to run from the 1st January 2022 to 31st December 2026. Excluding inflation it will receive a maximum compensation of €126.42 million for 2022, €127.70 million for 2023, €129.54 million for 2024, €125.77 million for 2025 and €124.93 million for 2026. These figures are to be slightly more as inflation will be accounted for in the final payments.

Dirk Tirez, the CEO of bpost group, commented: “Due to its public service mission and proximity in society, bpost is able to provide a wide range of public services to all Belgian citizens across the country. For example, the government safeguards proximity through access to postal offices across the country. bpost will continue to provide basic financial services to all citizens, including the most vulnerable. bpost will also continue to distribute pensions to the elderly and leave nobody behind in society. bpost fulfils a noble purpose in society and we will continue to provide the services of general economic interest to the Belgian population over the next five years.”